Five Star Stock Feeds Lamb And Sheep Rations

Five Star Stock Feeds have an exceptional range of pellets suitable for maintaining or growing your valuable lambs and sheep. We can accommodate many situations in an affordable fashion and provide nutritional advice based on experience and education. Our added vitamins and minerals are designed to replicate eating green feed with all the benefits of carcass characteristics, good health, rapid growth and superior eating quality.

We can help you to select the most suitable product from our standard formulas or we can customise a pellet specific to your requirements depending on your circumstances. We use quality ingredients and formulate for maximum safety. We understand that introducing a grain-based feed into the diet of your sheep and lambs can be both risky and time consuming.

We formulate our products so that they are easy to introduce and extremely unlikely to cause any problems. Please note that all our sheep products are antibiotic free and instead we are relying on probiotic yeast extracts to help maintain a balanced and heathy rumen population.

Our Products

Budget Sheep 160

16% protein.

Simple pellet that has basic buffering against acidosis, added calcium, sulphur, salt and magnesium. It is intended for restricted feeding where the pellet is intended to top up the other part of the diet. This pellet would be useful for maintaining the steady growth of ewe or wether lambs over the dry summer/autumn period. The amount of protein in this pellet would help avoid a weak spot in the wool over summer where that is a priority. This pellet would also be useful to help maintain body condition on mature ewes that were to be joined over summer and autumn. Always provide fibre when feeding pellets.

Available in Bulk, 30kg Bags and Bulka Bags

Ewe and Lamb Pellets

14% protein.

As the name suggests it is specifically designed to meet the needs of a pregnant ewe both before and after giving birth. There are mineral additives included with three important goals in mind. Firstly, to assist the ewes so give birth easily and safely so that there are more live lambs on the ground and less sick mothers. Secondly to assist the ewes milk production (without compromising wool growth) by providing a ready supply of easy to digest energy and protein. Finally, to provide a pellet safe enough to feed the ewes without presenting a hazard to the lambs who most definitely will also want to eat the pellets. This pellet is buffered enough against grain poisoning to be suitable for self-feeders after some induction. Always provide fibre when feeding pellets.

Available in Bulk, 30kg Bags and Bulka Bags

Lamb Grower Pellets

This by far our most popular pellet. This pellet is formulated for self-feeders in a paddock situation where there is access to clean water and importantly shade and shelter from the wind. It is designed for maximum safety with a deliberately low starch type of energy and 16% protein. We have a unique 4-day introduction system with this pellet that saves you both time and money. This pellet can produce outstanding growth rates for lambs and with ideal carcass characteristics. Five Star Lamb Grower Pellets are anti biotitic free which is good for the environment, meat processors and ultimately the consumers of lamb. Always provide fibre when feeding pellets.

Available in Bulk, 30kg Bags and Bulka Bags

Lamb Feedlot Pellets

Both the Lamb Grower and Lamb Feedlot Pellets are designed for finishing lambs. The difference is that the Lamb Grower Pellet is designed for finishing your own lambs in a paddock with both shelter and shade. The Lamb Feedlot Pellets on the other hand are designed for feeding in a true feedlot situation where there is usually no protection from the elements such as hot sun and strong wind. Often the lambs are purchased from a sale yard or other property and transported by truck so fatigue and hunger on arrival is part of the picture. Confinement of large mobs of lambs in small areas also can eventuate in stressful and a potentially unhealthy environment.

The Five Star Lamb Feedlot pellets have been designed to assist under such circumstances. We use a natural substance called betaine that is a known reliever of heat stress and that assists the lamb to stay hydrated under hot windy conditions. Lambs arriving at a feedlot via a truck often have some sort of transport stress that challenges the rumen microbes Five Star Lamb Feedlot Pellets have a blend vitamins,  minerals, buffers against acidosis and a probiotic to help restore normal gut function and allow you to induct lambs to the feedlot more rapidly with less risk. Always provide fibre when feeding pellets.

Available in Bulk, 30kg Bags and Bulka Bags

Lamb 210 Pellets

These pellets are formulated to replace peas, faba beans and lupins in a home mix to add to your own cereal grains. They are competitive price wise and have the added benefit of added vitamins, minerals and buffers to prevent acidosis. Always offer a fibre source when feeding pellets.

Available in Bulk, 30kg Bags and Bulka Bags