Our Beef rations are formulated to facilitate rapid growth, maintain animal health, foster excellent carcass characteristics and promote superior eating quality. Our grain based pellets and crush grain mixes have added vitamins and minerals to best replicate green feed. We have listened to the community and do not formulate with antibiotics in our standard rations however we do stock them in case someone requests them for sound animal health reasons. Instead of antibiotics we prefer a yeast-based probiotic that is known for its ability to enhance carcass quality. We can customise both crushed grain mixes and pellets to suit an individual farmers circumstance.

Our Products

Beef Finisher Crush

A blend of wheat, barley and canola meal are the grains in the Five Star Beef Finisher Crush that is formulated for 16%. To this mix we add vegetable oil to supress dust, acid buff and bentonite to maintain rumen pH and vitamins and minerals for good health and growth. In keeping with community expectations, the Five Star Beef Finisher doesn’t contain any antibiotics and instead we rely on a yeast-based probiotic to help maintain rumen balance and animal health.

Available in Bulk, 30kg Bags and Bulka Bags

Beef Grower Pellets

The Five Star Beef Grower pellets are formulated to be 16% protein and like the Beef Grower Crush have added minerals, vitamins and buffers to support the rumen health. Many farmers prefer pelletised grain mixes because there is less separation of grain in the feeding system and the grain is more highly processed and easier to digest. If you are trough or ground feeding the pellets are far easier for the cattle to pick up and eat so wastage is less. As with the Five Star Beef Finisher Crush, we prefer to use a probiotic to enhance rumen health and meat quality.

Available in Bulk, 30kg Bags and Bulka Bags

Beef Maintainer Pellets

As the name suggests the Five Star Beef Maintainer Pellets are designed for cattle in a holding pattern rather than growing or lactating. The vitamins and minerals are still included to replicate green feed and the pellets do include buffering to help regulate rumen Ph. This pellet is a cheaper option as the protein is formulated for 12%.

Available in Bulk, 30kg Bags and Bulka Bags