Our Products

Five Star Stockfeeds aim is to deliver the right product on farm at the right time.

When they think of stockfeed, they only think of that product in the back of the truck. At Five Star Stockfeeds we think that our product is a combination of this and the service that we provide our customers. We guarrantee spending the time with you to customise your ration to suit your farms circumstances. We urge you to take advantage of our experience and intellectual property to make the best possible grain mix for your farm.

Our Service includes a free, regular, no-obligation farm visit to see what your fodder mix currently is. Our sophisticated computer program analyses the entire home grown and purchased diet to predict growth rates and milk production. It also enables us to identify any deficiencies in the diet and work with you to make a customized balanced ration. Our program can also outline your cost of production in cents per litres and therefore your income less feed costs.

We use diagnostic test strips to check the milk urea levels in your cows’ milk to accurately measure the delicate balance between dietary energy and protein. If there is an imbalance, then we are happy to work with you on how you can use the grain in the silo to correct any deficiencies in the home-grown component of the ration.

Take advantage of our dairy farmers two complimentary feed tests per year so that we all have a better understanding of the quality of your home-grown hay or silage. This way our feed budgets will be more accurate and that helps us provide a better ration for your cows.

Finally, Five Star stock Feeds has a genuine commitment to your farms’ profitability. This is evidenced by our successful Five Star Cropping Group. The formula for profit on a dairy farm is pretty simple. Keep the cows fully fed throughout the lactation with a minimum 70% home grown food and of that 70% home grown food 70% directly grazed. This is easy to say but difficult to achieve. To assist our customers Five Star Stockfeeds, conduct numerous farm walks each year, produce booklets to show how and run a Facebook group to share ideas and information.