Our Services

Five Star believe if your profitable, we’re profitable!

Five Star employs qualified Nutritionists to pro-actively service our client base and we customize your on-farm service just like we can customize your rations. We can assist you with purchasing decisions for fodder, feeding plans for your stock, feed budgets for dairy beef and sheep clients.

On farm feed budgets

One of the big benefits of on-farm feed budgets is ensuring that the current ration is balanced and that production opportunities are not being missed. Often a farm walk is part of that process. Feed budgets are also beneficial for seasonal planning, setting production goals and calculating Income Over Feed Costs (IOFC).

Feed testing and tissue testing

Five Star offer a complimentary testing of pasture or fodder to identify potential mineral imbalances can cause animal health and production issues if left without resolving. Five Star nutritionists will then make suggestions on additives to your ration to help prevent any issues.


Ever had a nutritional issue on farm that you haven’t managed to get a resolution to? Five Star nutritionists have extensive experience and networks. We will endeavor to find you a solution.


Five Star have a wide range of safe and tested additives, which can be added to your custom feed. We partner with companies who provide us with extensively researched products that work. As a result we get excellent back-up service that ultimately benefits you, the customer.

We are really pleased with Mal and Five Star Stockfeeds. We talked to him about our calving problems and he recommended Fizz.

Since beginning on it our cows have been calving well. We noticed when we did not use the product for 3 days, four of our cows had retained membranes and temperatures.

Justin & Brooke Evans

Almost 5 years ago the feed base for our dairy herd was pasture and hay.  With the help of Veronica at Five Star, we decided to supplement feed a grain mix ration.  The benefits were seen immediately with a large increase to production.  Later we realized the benefit to animal health and fertility.

We then began a lead feed program and have not looked back.

The grain we get from Five Star has always been of a consistent good quality and a competitive price.  The advice and support we get from Five Star has complimented our existing feed base and been a huge step forward for our business.

Jason & Jennifer Wakefield