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At Five Star, our service and experience is what sets us apart. Our on farm service is based on your needs as a customer, and it all starts before you place your first order.

Five Star’s Premium Vitamin and Mineral premixes.

Until recently, Five Star used a Vitamin and Mineral premix formulated for Western Victoria, based on thousands of tissue test samples and some before and after milk samples. This premix was already a higher specification premix than the generic “off the shelf” premixes, but it was still a year round product.

In August 2013, Five Star Nutritionists consulted with Dr Geoff Irish at Propharma Australia to review our premix range for Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Calf and Transition/Lead Feeding. The plan was to boost the levels to reflect the latest research, and thus improving cow health and cow production.

Cows in Western Victoria tend to have two distinct seasonal diets  – green grass through late Autumn, Winter and Spring, and very little green grass over Summer and early Autumn. As a result, there are vitamins and minerals that are in abundance in Winter and Spring, but lacking in Summer, and vice versa.

Thus the idea of Seasonal Vitamin and Mineral premixes was born, and came to fruition in October 2013. We have already had some excellent feedback from our customers, and look forward to seeing even more good results into 2015 and beyond.

On-farm service

Five Star employs qualified Dairy Nutritionists to pro-actively service our client base. Our service is based on your needs as a customer, so we can customize your on-farm service just like we can customize your rations.

  • On farm feed budgets: One of the big benefits of on-farm feed budgets is ensuring that the current ration is balanced, and that production opportunities are not being missed. Often a farm walk is part of that process. Feed budgets are also beneficial for season planning, setting production goals and calculating Income Over Feed Costs (IOFC).
  • Feed testing and tissue testing: Five Star offer a complimentary Tissue Test of pasture or fodder (purchased or home grown). This is very useful for identifying potential mineral imbalances which can occur, and being able to pro-actively prevent animal health and production issues by including minerals at the correct rate in your bail feed.
  • Troubleshooting: Ever had a nutritional issue on farm that you haven’t managed to get a resolution too? Five Star nutritionists have extensive experience on farm, and a natural curiosity and drive to look outside the square to find the answer. Whether it is via our experience, research or utilising our networks, we will endeavour to find you a solution.
  • Additives: We partner with companies who provide us with extensively researched products that work. As a result we get excellent back-up service that ultimately benefits you, the customer.
  • Other on-farm service: We can assist you with purchasing decisions for fodder, feeding plans for young stock, feed budgets for beef and sheep clients.

Other benefits:

Ration palatability: One benefit of using Agolin in all our premixes is palatability. Agolin has a host of nutritional benefits, but even as a palatant alone it pays for itself. Customers have commented that it’s made their milking easier and even sped up their milking time, as cows flow into the dairy faster and they spend less time in the yard chasing up the tail end of the herd. Anything that makes milking easier, quicker and ultimately less stressful is beneficial for milkers and the cows too.