About Us

Five Star Stockfeeds has two mills running in Victoria. Camperdown in the South West and Gunbower in the North. Both companies have been operating for over 14 years. The company began with it’s crushed grain mill in Gunbower and purchased it’s second mill in Camperdown in 2006. Having started with no customers, the company has grown to having over 400 customers as part of it’s business.

Five Start Stockfeeds has invested in major capital upgrade to all mill equipment and infrastructure to produce high quality pellets and crushed grain mixes. Dairy farmers are our main customer base, with seasonal sheep and beef sales also representing a large portion of business in both areas.

The mixing and blending section of the Camperdown mill is fully computerized so that we can be sure that we are delivering exactly what you order. We only buy ingredients that are nutritionally sound and give you the best possible result for the ‘best value’ price.

We always anticipate a profitable growth response from combining the right advice with the right ingredients. As the saying goes – “achieving high levels of production is 80% feed, and 20% breed”. Five Star Stockfeeds focuses more on ensuring each animal produces enough milk or weight to dilute out their maintenance cost and ensure profitable outcomes.


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