Welcome to Five Star Stockfeeds

Five Star Stockfeeds is a privately owned Australian business, employing local people. We manufacture and process grain locally for the dairy, sheep and beef cattle industries in Western and Northern Victoria.

Our service and experience is what sets us apart. We look at things from another perspective, so our on farm service is based on your needs as a customer… and it all starts before you place your first order.

Some feed mills may see themselves simply as producers of stockfeeds, employing sales staff to fill the production capacity and providing a limited service to retain their customer base. At Five Star Stockfeeds our business philosophy is a little different. We are primarily concerned with the health and productivity of your livestock and the overall productivity of your business. Our policy is to ensure that every customer is given a high level of service, which includes farm visits, fodder testing and feed budgeting.

Five Star Stockfeeds has been a member of Stockfeeds Manufacturers’ Council of Australia (SMCA) since 2006. The SFMCA operates FeedSafe® as the Quality Assurance Accreditation Program for the Australian stock feed industry and Five Star Stockfeeds is accredited providing proof of its quality assurance and risk mitigation in the manufacture and use of animal feeds.